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Drive@UCR was founded in 2009 and is a UCR Sanctioned, student organization dedicated to spreading the rich automotive culture of Southern California through meets, get-togethers, shows, and seminars. We are comprised of a variety of different members from different backgrounds and drive different cars. From imports to domestics, lowriders to off-roaders, racers to those that just like to drive around. Drive@UCR aims to bring together those with a common interest in Automobiles and provide an atmosphere to promote discussion and a good time for newcomers, casual enthusiasts and die-hard gearheads.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter 2011 Meet Schedule!

Winter 2011 Meet Schedule!
Drive@UCR, the Official UCR Car Club is pleased to present our WINTER 2011 Meet series! We are being graciously hosted by Fresh Donuts at the University Shopping Center. Feel free to invite your Friends!


Drive@UCR does NOT support illegal street racing and promotes the legal, safe alternative.

Where: University Shopping Plaza 706 Blaine St. Riverside, CA 92507
When: All Official Meets are Wednesdaystwice a month, with changes for finals weeks. ALL MEETS START AT 8PM and run until ~10:30-11pm.  See below for exact meet dates

Bi-Monthly Meet RULES!
1. Always follow all posted rules and regulations (speed limit, road cautions, etc)
2. Follow good sense driving rules and caution; road driving is NOT a competition
3. No burnouts, drifting or other stunts! (you may be ejected from meets for this type of behavior!!!)
*failure to follow these rules will result in warning/ban from attending future club events/meets
Please follow all Meet Rules when entering AND exiting the meet location.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page and our Forum!!! ( and if you havent registered yet, go here! )

Winter 2011 Meet Schedule:
1/5 - Great start to the quarter, Nice to see fresh faces among the regulars!
1/19 - AMAZING turnout, even more new faces!
2/2 - BRRR cold meet but great turnout with more first timers!

*last 2 meets are only 1 week apart to compensate for Finals week!

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