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Drive@UCR was founded in 2009 and is a UCR Sanctioned, student organization dedicated to spreading the rich automotive culture of Southern California through meets, get-togethers, shows, and seminars. We are comprised of a variety of different members from different backgrounds and drive different cars. From imports to domestics, lowriders to off-roaders, racers to those that just like to drive around. Drive@UCR aims to bring together those with a common interest in Automobiles and provide an atmosphere to promote discussion and a good time for newcomers, casual enthusiasts and die-hard gearheads.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Wednesday meet had a great turnout with alumni's and friends of Drive@UCR making an appearance! Drive@UCR continuously hosts meets here every other Wednesday at this University Shopping Center Plaza in Riverside, CA from 8-10 PM, so if you have a chance to come out and socialize, please do!

Last years President, Lawrence Lee showed up with his e90 M3 Saloon! Check out those TE37SL!
This RX-8 is approved!

That's one Mean V8 Charger! Its good to know that we still have some Muscle!

This one of a kind Subaru WRX is kept clean and pristine!

RX7 FD, one of my favorite 90's vehicles! Vmount Twin Turbo!

This supercharged widebody Miata will soon be put to work on the track!

Welcome Parker to the family with his Mitsubishi EvoX !

Vinh's Subaru STI from Royal-Origin has just returned from the shop! This thing is putting down some real power!

Another Royal-Origin Beauty, Keychain's IS300 sitting on some FN01R-C, a drifters favorite. These wheels are actually becoming rarer since they were discontinued!

Check out these amazing builds from Royal Flush Crew! This SC400 is begging to be drifted, only if it wasn't so clean! Check out the flakes in the paint!

This is how Royal Flush Does up a Mazda RX-7!

One of the cleanest G35's that I have seen! Look how close it is to tucking!

 Sometimes keeping the look stock and proper is the appropriate choice of tuning as chosen by these two!

VIP? Yes please!

Breaking the Boundaries of what can be done to a 240sx s13. Ratchet spec! This thing must be drifted!

Caught a Supra! 

An aggressive looking E36 looking happy!

Overall it was a fun night of hanging out and having a good time!

As all good nights are, they must come to an end. Until next time! 

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